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So, why the advertising?  Truth is this all costs money.  The hosting, IT, Infrastructure, not to mention lawyers fees, etc etc.  The money goes towards exposing the financial world for what it is…..
It’s a bit ironic that most of the ads are often for finance related things – well they have the money (actually yours) to spend.  We don’t choose them. They arrive automatically based on the content.  Of course you should only click on them if you are interested.  However every click earns a penny or so to support this site and therefore is very welcome! You never know – you might find something useful.
If you would like to advertise here, please get in touch – our rates are very reasonable. To give you an idea of traffic volumes we are told we regularly get more than 15,000 ‘page requests’ (that’s what the IT people tell us). Most of the audience is UK and US, but we have visitors from all over the world including even Bhutan!
Since the site is read by all ages, we request that any adverts are suitable for a wide age range and comply with all relevant advertising legislation. Further details can be found on the Advertising Authorities Website


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      Thank you!

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