Aug 18

Banks Swing against star traders

Balance swings against the star traders

Star traders…..what a load of rubbish!  Luck, luck and luck are all that is needed.  For every star their are thousands who are not. Usually when traders jump ship they somehow ‘loose their touch’.  Truth is they had before….they didn’t want to be found out.  I know a very senior banker, who jumped ship earning many many millions in salary, guaranteed bonuses etc etc and after two years he had delivered nothing in his new role….

As others have already said, what’s the worst that can happen to a trader for messing up?  Loose their job, may be a spell in jail if they break the rules.  Fact is the banks don’t care so long as their ‘stars’ are making money.  Joe Public carries the risk, bankers get fatter, prop trading adds no value……


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  1. Lawrence

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    1. BusinessTom

      Thanks for your support!

  2. Sneakergame

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  3. PatrickJNK

    what do you think about the increase in the dollar?

    1. BusinessTom

      The USD is seen as haven in uncertain times. Much as Gold and CHF are too. Also people are unwinding positions and taking profits, so it’s people making money too!

  4. Kelvin Balbuena

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